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First County Bank
First County Bank

First County Bank is an independent, mutual community bank, conducting business in Fairfield County, Connecticut, which is dedicated to serving individuals, families, businesses and nonprofit organizations. As a mutual, First County Bank operates under a set of core principles for the benefit of its customers, the community and its employees, rather than shareholders.

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Personal Attention

First County Bank ( puts customer centric thinking at the heart of its outreach services by provided expert fraud protection that is more convenient, personalized and accessibile. First County Bank accomplishes this by effectively communicating to every demographic - individuals, millennials, students, families and seniors. These channels of communication include web sites, blogs, mobile, email, social and in-person with seminars and handouts.

New Web Site

The eFraud Prevention™ suite of consumer awareness resources fit in perfectly with the First County Bank Web site. Since the eFraud Prevention™ portal has a responsive design, is ADA compliant and requires no additional IT investment, adding these valuable services was simple and easy. The eFraud Prevention™ portal now completes the security section of the First County Bank web site. Best of all, eFraud Prevention™ maintains and updates this content on a daily basis so the First County Bank web site is always up-to-date with the latest fraud prevention tips and news alerts.

Offering More

  • Responding faster - Data breaches and other time sensitive fraud news happens daily. First County Bank delivers daily news and alerts when they are first published. Helping everyone stay out in front of the latest fraud headlines. It may be a skimming incident at a local ATM or a phishing scam. No matter what the situation, First County Bank acts fast and responds with good information.
  • Social Media Integration - First County Bank Facebook page includes the eFraud Prevention™ security tab that alerts and educates customers via Facebook.
  • Safeguarding their great reputation - First County Bank has a great reputation for fraud safety in this era of constant cyber attacks and data breaches.
  • Educating small businesses customers - As small businesses become the focus of hackers; owners, managers and employees connect with First County Bank for the latest resources and news.
  • Increase service value - First County Bank delivers a current and consistent message via web site articles, seminars, handouts and social media posts.
  • FFIEC, FINRA, FDIC and other regulatory support - As a resource for the new First County Bank's web site, the ADA Compliant eFraud Prevention™ service satisfies the consumer education recommendations from FFIEC, FINRA, FDIC and other regulatory agencies.
  • Community Outreach - Today's trends require an approach that anticipates, recognizes and services everyone's individual needs. First County Bank offers a customer education solution to help everyone make less mistakes. As the trusted advisor, First County Bank is creating smart, security minded people.
  • Improved SEO and web traffic - First County Bank has increased fraud protection and prevention related keywords that rank high in search analytics.