Stand out in your community

Reduce the number of victims within your community and in doing so create goodwill towards your organization.

efraud Prevention, LLC has recently launched an awareness initiative with the goal of preventing fraud throughout all communities within the United States. We would like to work with your organization in connecting our fraud education services to the municipalities, schools, non-profits, chambers of commerce, charities, senior services and media organizations within your community. Your organization would be the community link and administer the free offering of our consumer education services.

As fraud has become a part of life, consumer education is the one proven method that keeps everyone safer. By increasing awareness we believe we can do more to prevent the spread of fraud in our daily lives.

Frequently Asked Questions:

It is our mission to advance fraud prevention through awareness and together with financial, retail, government and collegiate partners, we are reaching millions of people and making a difference in the future of fraud prevention in America. We're transforming the way consumers learn about fraud prevention and keeping everyone safer. This includes: children, teenagers, students, families, seniors, travelers and small businesses.

This program helps the following organizations in different ways:

Senior centers and housing providers: Elder financial exploitation has been called the crime of the 21st century and deploying effective interventions has never been more important.

Non-profits: By offering our services for free to your non-profit customers, you're serving the greater good in your community.

Chambers of commerce: Chambers of Commerce reach a large and diverse group of businesses that need be alert.

Small businesses: As small businesses become the focus of hackers, owners, managers and employees need to remain diligence.

Charities: Charities need to have these resources for free.

Religious institutions: Reach a large demographic and help them stay safe.

Public schools: Parents, children and teenagers all need to understand the latest risks with technology, social media and identity theft.

Municipal government: Local police and town related web sites are the first place people go you learn about and report scams.

Local newspapers and media: The local news and media reach the most people and are extremely effective in broadcasting fraud awareness.

Getting started is easy, simply complete this form to register your organization. We will set up your account and send you all the information you need to get started.

Below is an example of how our fraud prevention education portal looks on the web site for the International Association of Financial Fraud Investigators.

How this benefits your organization & community:

  • Reduce fraud within your community
  • Creates goodwill for your brand
  • Demonstrates your expertise
  • Tools for marketing and community outreach programs
  • Proves your commitment to fraud prevention
  • Helps to reduce the number of identity theft victims
  • Decreases monetary fraud losses for consumers
  • Better overall educated community
  • More resources for seniors
  • More resources for families and children
  • Fraud advice is always up-to-date

Efraud Prevention™ is a subscription based service that is purchased by Banks, Credit Union, Colleges, Universities, Social Media and eCommerce firms. However, purchasing our service is not required in order to participate in our Community Awareness Initiative.
You are allowed to offer our service "free-of-charge" to any nonprofit, chamber of commerce, small business, charity, religious institution, public school, municipal government, local newspaper and media.
eFraud Prevention™ is an thirteen year old company that has hundreds of clients in the financial services industry. eFraud Prevention™ has never had a legal dispute as all the educational articles within our education portal are created in-house by eFraud Prevention™. However, we will provide you with a signed contract that agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless your organization, and its directors, officers, employees and agents, from and against any and all claims, demands, actions, suits, losses, liabilities, damages, costs and expenses including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys' fees and court costs, for any alleged infringement of any third party intellectual property rights. We also include the standard disclaimer as part of your branded page.

The eFraud Prevention™ education portal includes:

Education Portal: The eFraud Prevention™ education portal Portal quickly completes your security section with up-to-date educational content for your web site. Includes 60 unique topics with more than 500 tips that you can use for: web site articles, fraud alerts, BLOG articles, employee intranet, customer education seminars, printed materials, handouts, brochures & social media posts.

Facebook Tab: The eFraud Prevention™ Portal can be embedded as a tab on your Facebook page - alerting and educating consumers about the most current fraud risks.

FRAUD SMARTS eBook: A practical how-to guide to help everyone stay safe to avoid the latest scams and prevent identity theft. With hundreds of easy to follow tips, this guide is designed as a go-to resource for consumers, teenagers, college students, families, senior citizens and small businesses. This book also provides a complete list of resources and support for victims of fraud.

Handout Creator: Arm your frontline employees with a better support tool. When your customers or members visit with questions about a fraud incident, your frontline employees can quickly offer printed tips that people can take home. By arming your frontline employees, you provide quicker and better support.

Video Library: With 20 videos that can be viewed online, downloaded or shared - you'll help everyone better understand fraud safety.

Risk Calculators: A series of interactive quizzes that cover a variety of the most relevant fraud risk categories. The Risk Calculators provide a score to show areas where the user is at the most risk for fraud. Risk calculations are part of the Education Portal and can also be used for internal employee training or training courses for the general public.

Staff & Employee Learning: All services can be used to train and education staff members and employees.

to learn more about these services.