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Today, every industry is a target for cyber criminals. Additional fraud awareness helps to minimize fraud losses, reduce cybersecurity costs, and lower cyberinsurance premiums. By ramping up their business fraud awareness program, IAFCI goes the extra mile to support their commercial account members.

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Educating Retail Members

IAFCI has remained dedicated to contributing to the financial wellness of families and individuals. By taking advantage of the versatility of the eFraud Prevention™ service, IAFCI adds an additional layer of fraud prevention support.

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Supporting Law Enforcement

IAFCI is able to provide all their public sector law enforcement clients with a free version of the eFraud Prevention Business Portal. This free tool is always up-to-date and has the latest technology to easily integrate within any intranet, municipal web site, and on social media platforms.

Virtual or In-Person Information Sessions

When educating members either virtual or in person, IAFCI is able to provide on-going support for that training.


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