"90 percent of the American public said they want to learn more about keeping safer on the Internet."

Source: National Cyber Security Alliance and the Anti-Phishing Working Group

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Organizations have invested a tremendous amount of money and resources into cyber security technology, but less into securing their customers, members and employees. As a result, people, not technology, have become the weakest link in cyber security.

Are your customers, members and employees fraud prevention experts?
If not, we can help you get them get smarter.


Engage everyone about computer, mobile and IoT fraud safety.

Whether at work, home or on the go, we are connected. You can improve these experiences to create positive partnerships with your customers or members.

"Armed with the right knowledge, almost anyone can recognize a fraudulent scheme and make the right decision to stay away."

~ United States Postal Inspector Service

Senior Citizens

Fraud education requires different models based on the usability of an individual’s demographic.

Millennials may respond better to a fraud prevention Facebook Tab whereas seniors may be more apt to reference a printed handbook.

"Participate in and support coordinated efforts to educate older account holders, caregivers and the public. Financial institutions should work with an array of agencies and service organizations to offer educational programs and distribute materials."

~ The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Small Businesses

Small businesses and non-profit organizations are now the primary target of cyber criminals.

Fraud awareness education is an important value added component to offer your business and non-profit clients.

"Develop an awareness framework that challenges, educates and empowers your customers and employees to be part of the human firewall."


I.D. Theft

Today, organizations focus mainly on the resolution aspects of I.D. Theft.

There is a huge opportunity to make progress with I.D. Theft Prevention if organizations work closer with their customers and members.

Our service will improve your I.D Theft prevention outreach efforts by 60% - 80%.

"Develop and distribute fraud prevention resources and conduct outreach."



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