What type of fraud prevention services should my organization be providing?

Education Portal: An education portal Portal quickly that would complete your security section with up-to-date educational content for your web site. The eFraud Prevention™ portal ncludes 60 unique topics with more than 500 tips that you can use for: web site articles, fraud alerts, BLOG articles, employee intranet, customer education seminars, printed materials, handouts, brochures & social media posts.

Facebook Tab: A securuty tab shoud be embedded as a tab on your Facebook page - alerting and educating consumers about the most current fraud risks. eFraud Prevention™ has a Facebook tab that takes one click to install.

FRAUD SMARTS eBook: A eBook can provide practical, how-to information to help everyone stay safe to avoid the latest scams and prevent identity theft. eFraud Prevention™ include an eBook that will enhance the experience for the majority of people who now prefer mobile access. You can give away the FRAUD SMARTS e-book for free to your employees, customers, students or members.

Handout & Articles: Arm your frontline employees with a support tool for accessing up-to-date information. It may be a skimming incident at someone else's ATM or your brand name used in a phishing scam. No matter what the situation, you need to act fast and respond with good information.

Video Library: Provide videos that can be viewed online, downloaded or shared - you'll help everyone better understand fraud safety.

Risk Calculators: Offer a series of interactive quizzes that cover a variety of the most relevant fraud risk categories. Our Risk Calculators provide a score to show areas where the user is at the most risk for fraud. Risk calculations are part of the Education Portal and can also be used for internal employee training or training courses for the general public.

Staff & Employee Learning: All services should be used to train and education staff members and employees.